Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Dream: [Time Travel Save to U.S.S.R. (Vietnam)] - "Obama about to sign something tomorrow that would prevent the upgrade of all computers / Don't forget your pain, Paul Simon"

Some of the tortures, besides about 4 times frequencies called for I felt counted to kill me (Dream: The Angel Gabriel is your Guardian Angel), there were all types/colors bumps, bruises, pains like urinating, knock-outs waking up somewhere else on floor banging head like against wall and laughing at times, inability to wake up kept in half asleep mode back and forth and knowing it still couldn't awake, coughing sometimes seemingly 2000 times a day, not being able to stay lying down in a bed, firing lasers at me from the radio while sleeping, arm turned black, dying limb spreading, swollen feet, mind and motor controlled, intentional whistle blowing against powers with using/overheard mind also. Voices may remain almost undetectable and responsive actions result.. Dreamt that I experienced all the types of tortures..