Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Does anybody remember me :( ~

Does this movie still have the NPA in it? I rented it at the Filipino Food store after the mid 90's (and it is saying 2002); after being first introduced to Claudine 1994 in Muntik Na Kitang Minahal, FYI then my original world came to an end - like that (this movie is not the only one..)
The last ever Filipino movie I have watched was on VCR "Hubog" [Derossi] 1998 now says 2001. ..alot is different in sports, ongoing noticing, like Eddie Murray was never on the Mets; he was always an Oriole haha? To be honest, I have grown to accept it all even on a more personal basis; it's different todays, but I'll never forget when it started - The Millennialism 2/16/1999 Chinese New Year (0-1999=2000 years)
On a sidenote, when a couple years ago I went to the Philippines again from since that long time ago, on return I started seeing trees, objects, maybe people reversed timelines existentialism for quite sometime with asimilitude (still seeing new changes and in scriptures more often).